Each handpiece is inspected, repaired and tested in accordance with manufacturer's standards and specifications We guarantee all material and workmanship for the full period. During the life of the warranty, we will repair or replace without charge, any defective parts we installed.

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Dental Handpiece Repair in South Texas and Nationwide

We only do one thing and we do it right!

South Texas Handpiece Express repairs almost any type of air-driven and electric handpieces.  We save you money by fixing your turbine when the bearings go out instead of you purchasing a new turbine every time.  On highspeeds we carefully remove the old bearing and replace them with brand new bearings that meet all manufacturer specifications. We replace all O rings and any other components that are too worn for proper performance.  If your turbine is too worn to repair, we may recommend replacing it.  We stock new turbine for major brands.  We also provide full factory service for Star, Midwest and Kavo.

Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Ask about volume discounts.

Discounts for government entities.

All Makes and Models                                          Free Estimates

Cavitron® Repair

P-Style External Water Flow                              $90     3-month warranty 

IF Style Internal Water-Flow/Plastic Grip      $90     3-month warranty

Cavitron® Insert Rebuild/Exchange

We repair all models of electric attachments (Kavo, Adec/W&H, Star, NSK, Bein Air) under the following service levels:

Level I                   $249-$299                             3-month warranty 

Level II                $399-$449 New Cartridge    6-month warranty

Level III               $549-$599                           OEM Factory Repair

We also provide FULL factory support if we cannot repair your handpiece in-house.

Electric Handpieces

20:1                                                                       $249

Implant Handpieces

Stryker, Hall, Zimmer, 3M                                              Free Estimates  

Surgical Drills, Handpieces

Star Titan S/SW Rebuild                                   $149 

Rotor Replacement                                              $50 

Star Titan Scaler Service

Latch Angle Rebuild                                       $75/129   3-month warranty 

PB Latch Angle Rebuild                                $85/129   3-month warranty 

Kavo Angle Rebuild                                              $149   3-month warranty

New Ball Bearing Latch Angle                            $110   3-month warranty 

New Universal Latch                                              $30   6-month warranty           


Straight Attachments                                           $95   6-month warranty  Star Angle Adapter (old style/new)             $75/95  6-month warranty
Midwest Contra Sheath                                        $89  6-month warranty


Motor Overhauls:

Star Titan                                                                $159   1-year warranty 

Midwest Tru Torc                                                  $159   1-year warranty 

Midwest Shorty                                                      $159   1-year warranty

Midwest Rhino                                                       $159   1-year warranty 

Midwest RDH                                                         $159   6-month warranty           

Little Guy                                                                 $159   6-month warranty
Micromite                                                                $159   6-month warranty 
$159   6-month warranty

Lynx                                                                          $159   6-month warranty

Kavo 2300 Series Motors                                    $249   6-month warranty
Motor Rethreads                                                      $95    Lifetime (of the motor)


Complete Lowspeed Service

Autochuck Repair/Replacement                      $95   6-month warranty
  *not holding burs/burs slipping
Star, Midwest Fiber Optic Replacement       
 $179   6-month warranty
Kavo, Cellular Optic Replacement                  $249
Star Body Shell Service                                       
$75   6-month warranty
Air/Water Line Clearing, Minor Service $25/$55
Air/Water Line Replacement                            

Other High Speed Handpiece Services

6-month warranty

6-month warranty
6-month warranty

6-month warranty

1-year warranty

6-month warranty
6-month warranty
6-month warranty
6-month warranty
6-month warranty
6-month warranty
6-month warranty
6-month warranty

6-month warranty

3-month warranty


High Speed Turbine/Rebuild

Midwest Quiet Air, Lever
Tradition, Tradition L, XGT
Midwest Stylus/ ATC
Star 430 SWL (lubricated)
Star 430 LUBE FREE (ceramic)
Kavo 635, 640, 642, 647
Kavo 659, 4500, 6500
Kavo E600 Series
Adec, W&H
Lares CX (ceramic)
NSK, Kinetics
NSK 9000
Impact Air 45
Push Button Canister
Standard Canister